UNSEEN FORCE: In Search of the Truth: CD

May 26, 2008

Somewhere, Adam Bomb from the late, great “Final Countdown” radio show has just pooped his Underoos, and I’m inclined to join him. While together, Unseen Force managed to release one album that had a press run of, what, four copies, but what a doozy of an album it was. Full-bore yet highly catchy hardcore was their output, with the politically minded lyricism that was the order of the day in the ‘80s, this is one of the long-lost gems of the latter part of that decade that further adds to the proof things didn’t flatline by mid-decade like all them lame ass books say. Tacked on are some live tracks from a show at a California radio station (KXLU? KPFK? The liner notes don’t say) and a demo from an earlier band that fed into Unseen Force, making for one truly crucial addition to the collection. Wow, I’d forgotten all about these guys, and a pox on me for doing so. 

 –jimmy (Grave Mistake)