UNRULED: Time Is Running Out: EP

Jan 23, 2012

Originally released in 1984, and now reissued with an extra track (“Clear the Pigs Out”). U.K.-influenced punk with a huge dose of Discharge ran through a Canadian punk filter. Tuneful and thundering at the same time. The title track is awesome. Starts off with a familiar riff, then ker-blam!, they rip into some fast Discharge-style punk about the impending nuclear war between Russia and the USA. The solo towards the end adds even more mood. The previously unreleased “Clear the Pigs Out” is a noisy-as-hell song, where it sounds like the levels are pushing into the red. The song that stands out most for me is “Forced Mistake” with the raging opener that reminds me of NWOFBHM stuff. Grab this one!

 –M.Avrg (Schizophrenic, schizophrenicrex.com)

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