UNRULED: Butchers of Warfare: LP

Jul 13, 2010

Did not know that this band from Montreal existed back in the mid ‘80s. With only one 7” under their belt before their demise, it just didn’t cross my radar. Looking at the insert, they have a good amount of shows under their belt from that time period, playing with the likes of MDC, GBH, Discharge, and Dead Kennedys. Not sure what the 7” sounds like, but from what I hear on this LP, they sound like they held their own. Heavily influenced by the U.K. scene, I hear a strong influence of GBH meets the Varukers while adding their touch of metallic guitar into the mix. This resurrection features two original members with the assistance of members from the band Inepsy. A solid release that a newcomer like me would have never guessed was a reformation band. From what I have seen locally in reformations, I would have not given this a chance.

 –don (Schizophrenic)