Jul 13, 2007

Sometimes you are stumped on how to describe what you hear coming from the speakers. I’m really reaching here, since this music does not evoke any happiness. It’s like a soundtrack to after the war when anything alive is mutated and amongst the radiation and devastation. In another setting, I picture an abandoned building that is used as a shooting gallery for heroin addicts. Inside: dirt and neglect. The stench of human waste and unwashed bodies of the addicts overwhelms the senses. This is the uncomfortable imagery the music of this band has inflicted me with. So dark and almost hopeless in feeling when it drags you back and forth from sadness to pure anger. The fast parts are where you feel like you are getting beat down by a crowd of out-of-control muggers. The slow parts are what you feel like after the assault. You are just waiting to die from the injuries. All this is from the one and only song on this disc that clocks in at a hair over fifteen minutes. I’ve listened to this song twice now and I need to walk away.

 –don (Life Is Abuse)