UNLOVABLES, THE: Heartsickle: CD

Jul 24, 2007

Never has a band been so inaccurately named as The Unlovables. This band is so highly lovable I can hardly stand it. Although perhaps not as seamless as their previous album of pop punk perfection Crush Boyfriend Heartbreak, this new one, Heartsickle has still been in heavy rotation in my home, office, and car ever since it fell into my eager hands. Lead singer Hallie Bullit writes some of the catchiest melodies and wittiest lyrics that I’ve heard in a long time. As anyone who’s heard the band’s previous album and EP might expect, there are lots of songs about the ups and downs of punk rock love on here, but there’s also a tear-jerkingly sweet ode to a best ladyfriend (“Samantha”) and a great why-do-you-want-me-to-get-married-and-drive-a-minivan? rant (“Disaster”) So highly recommended, all my friends are sick of hearing about it already.

 –jennifer (Whoa Oh)