UNLOVABLES, THE: Crush, Boyfriend, Heartbreak: CD

Aug 13, 2009

It’s getting to the point where I know I’ve got to make a conscious effort not to listen to this CD any more, at least not for a few days. At first, I thought, What harm would come of me listening to it twice in a row? It’s not a bad CD. The songs are definitely more pop than punk, but the lyrics are catchy and you can’t help but tap your toe a bit in time with the music, bop your head, maybe shimmy and jiggle your shoulders a little. You start listening to the album at least once every day. Pretty soon, at random moments you find yourself absentmindedly humming a little tune, singing a couple of lyrics. In no time, you’re waking up with an Unlovables song in your head, every morning, seven days in a row, and you know you’re hooked. There’s something addictive about this album, I swear. Don’t start listening to it unless you’re perfectly immune to infectious girl-fronted, pop punk rock.

 –felizon (Whoah Oh)