UNITAS: Porch Life: CD

Aug 10, 2009

This is robust, powerful, ballsy rock’n’roll thunder – heavy on the rock and even heavier on the thunder! It’s downhome whiskey-soaked punkrock of the rootin’-tootin’ rural variety. I say “punkrock,” ‘cause it possesses more attitude, vibrancy, originality, and passion than any of the spikey-haired suburban twits out there in Mallworld who pass themselves off as the epitome of today’s justifiably enraged youth (pppuuuuleeeaze, ya fake lil’ scrubfaced fuckers! Find another trend-of-the-moment to whorishly leech upon, go back to the bland ‘burbs where ya belong, do as your told, finish high school, go to college, and then become a corporate suit-and-tie swine-shit just like your daddy!). Anyway, back to the music: I drunkenly detect a diverse and colorful array of influences on this here barnstormer of a release, includin’ the likes of AC/DC, The Minutemen, Husker Du, early Replacements, and even a bit of ol’ hippyman Neil Young (the vocals are an incredible mishmash of Lee Ving, Bob Mould, what’s-his-name from The Offspring, and, oddly enough, an occasional Eddie Vedder-style warble). Utterly amazing, really! Unitas proficiently, yet energetically, create a truly authentic sound of rock’n’roll rebellion and pure unrelenting goodtime rowdiness (with a couple of slower, laid-back tracks tossed in for good measure). It’s so damn good to be alive, intoxicated, and well on a brisk autumn day like this while Unitas loudly caterwaul outta the ol’ hi-fi unit. -Roger Moser, Jr.

 –guest (No Idea)