UNION ELECTRIC, THE: Thylacine: 7”

Jan 20, 2011

The Union Electric is reminiscent of Camper Van Beethoven’s eclectic later material. They play old school indie rock, but each song has a tweak, a new idea, or, at worst, a gimmick. While Camper’s snotty vocals showed that they were always playing tongue in cheek, The Union Electric guy’s voice is deep and serious, like the guy from The National or even NickCave. Side A has reverby Western flourishes along with rock guitars and Side B is a college rock song about a retired exterminator, with a hook that goes “That’s how you kill them/Attract them to the poison.” I want to hear more, but maybe just because I can’t get a read on what the average Union Electric song sounds like.

 –CT Terry (Union Electric)