UNION 13: Symptoms of Humanity: CD

Hey! They’re on Disaster now? What happened to Epitaph? I hope they didn’t get dropped because they were focusing on the bigger bands. Oh, well… This is a good record that could have been better. The songs are pretty kick ass since they seem to have added a more metal element to their sound from what I remember from the past. What is lacking is the electric guitar sounds tinny and thin. The bass is pulled up to front too much and kind of sounds like rubber bands. The vocals, acoustic guitar and drums are the only thing I wouldn’t touch. Well, maybe the drums… I would have preferred the kick drum to be a little boomier and louder. Now you are probably thinking, what a fucking snob! If you read this far, I guess you care enough about my opinion. So move on or live with it. Anyhoo, I always liked their songs that are sung in Spanish even though I don’t understand the language. For some reason, it better expresses their aggression and I see how it connects with the Latinos in their audience. From the outside it looks like they are connected as one. That’s the part of the show I most enjoy. The energy level is high. So, production pet peeves aside, they always put out something I like and this is no different. But next time, I hope this review might cross their paths without them getting all bent out of shape, and I also hope they put out a truly ball-busting record.

 –don (Disaster)