UNINVITED: Too Many Bad Choices: CD

Jul 25, 2007

Speaking of bad choices, SIR, PLEASE STEP AWAY FROM THE ADOBE PHOTOSHOP®!!! Art dickery aside, the rather well-produced Uninvited sound primarily like a cross between Screeching Weasel type pop-punk and Headache Records-styled street punk a la Niblick Henbane; the type of band whose collective favorite Ramones album is likely “Road To Ruin.” And, whilst I cannot truly say that the 5,280th song I’ve heard in my lifetime about how the band likes, and wishes to be given, beer is really the type of thing that gets me reaching for my wallet, I’d say that this stuff more or less works more or less often than it more or less doesn’t, so more or less go Uninvited. Right when it starts losing my interest, ‘cause they tried something too metal or reminded me too much of the Migraines or something, they wrap it up with a completely credible, no-tongue-in-no-cheek-whatsoever cover of “Under Pressure,” which I’ve always thought was a fine song, even though I really don’t understand it. They even do the “deew deew deew deew” thing at the very end! That’s quality workmanship! BEST SONG: I’ll be forced to go with “Under Pressure” here. BEST SONG TITLE: I’ll be forced to go with “PBR” here. FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: If there is a problem, yo, they’ll solve it; check out the hook while their DJ revolves it. Whoops, wrong “Under Pressure” cover.

 –norb (Uninvited)