UNIFORM, THE: Black and Vain: CD

Mar 19, 2002

I definitely get the impression these guys think they’re a lot more original and different than they really are. I mean, sure Gang of Four was new and different in 1980, but echoing them twenty years on and tossing in some lame pre-Geffen Sonic Youth moves isn’t exactly what I’d call breaking new ground. They also have the balls to put in the lyrics of the title cut: “the sonics/ they’re all gone.../ but we stick it out/ what do ya think of that..../ stamp them out now” Whatever. If these guys had half the tunes of the Sonics that’s be one thing, but hey... The Sonics have been gone for thirty years and their records still get listened to. Even the members of The Uniform aren’t going to be listening to Black And Vain thirty years from now. Tiresome.

 –Aaron J. Poehler (Morphius)