UNIFORM CHOICE: 1982 Orange Peel Sessions: 7” EP

Sep 02, 2015

Yep, that Uniform Choice and nope, it doesn’t really sound like ‘em—which is actually a good thing. Not that their celebrated, if mind-bogglingly derivative “Youth Crew” period was terrible (you wanna hear terrible? Give a listen to Pat Dubar’s post-U.C. band Mindfunk), but if you’re looking for a bit of the “We really wish we were Minor Threat” sound that made ‘em millionaires, you’re gonna be sorely disappointed. What this is, is a collection of demos originally recorded in 1982 to generate interest from (in)famous punk label Posh Boy. The band sports a different lineup than the one that made waves a couple of years later, and a sound slower and snottier in delivery. The four tunes here are a mighty fine testament to the band’s starting point, and one can’t help but wonder where they might’ve ended up had they continued down this particular road. 

 –jimmy (Dr. Strange)