Raging hardcore punk out of Richmond, VA. I can hear some Government Warning in here, and I believe someone from that band is in this band. The songs range from fast to a nice mid-tempo pace (such as the song “Earthquake”). They wisely mix things up so it doesn’t turn into one long blur. The buildup in the opener, “Excess,” is pretty cool. It starts off at a slow lumber, then you hear the bass drum suddenly pick up the pace, it builds up speed, and then back again. Then they tear into “Black and Red” and all hell breaks loose. The riffs are good and the breakdowns are catchy as fuck. As the album progresses, so does the urgency and speed. By the time you’re in the middle of songs like “Tradition,” “Hell Is Other People,” “Whiskey Weed Girls And Speed,” the title track, and the rest, it’s a sonic maelstrom. And yet they can slip in a cool breakdown and not miss a beat. The whole second side is a scorcher (not to say the first side isn’t, because the whole fucking album cooks!). Absolutely love the part in “In Living Color” where everyone but the bass stops for a couple seconds before tearing back into it. Fuck yeah! Even having the bass open on “Sleep” is cool. This guy, Kenny, has a really good sound here. Low end for days and it grabs your attention. Great, great, great, record!

 –M.Avrg (Forcefield, [email protected], forcefieldrecords.org)