UNHOLY GRAVE: Grind Hell: 10"

Nov 30, 2010

Unholy Grave are one of those grind bands like Godstomper or Agathocles that have about twelve million records because they’ve been around forever and will put out a record with just about anybody. This 10” is the latest in a long string of releases dating back to the early ‘90s and is just a live set. The quality of the recording isn’t the best I’ve ever heard, but it doesn’t matter because you can still pick out the few instances of melodic guitar riffs thrown into the mix. All the songs are great as usual, with “Overprotected Law” being a standout. Unholy Grave are easier to listen to than a lot of straight grind bands because they have more mid-tempo heavy stuff and even some hints of melody, so it’s not just a constant blur of thrashing. As a result, the songs are easy to distinguish and they stick with you more. A few of these can actually get stuck in your head. The artwork is great and the print job for the sleeve and jacket are top notch. Severely limited release, but definitely worth hunting down for you international grind freaks.

 –Ian Wise (Death Agonies And Screams)