UNFUN: Pain Prescription: CDEP

Mar 29, 2011

This one’s a nice surprise, in the sense that the Steinways/Huntingtons/Ramones-core ripoff I was expecting was nowhere to be found—if there were ever any sort of poppy veneer to this band it’s long since been scraped off. This shit is dirty, ragged, messy, and blown-out, and it sounds absolutely great. While bands like Dear Landlord make the whole “earnest pop punk” thing sound effortless and a maybe little too snappy and glossy sometimes, a band like Unfun sounds like they’re just barely holding their shit together, instrumentally, emotionally, and otherwise. And this is a great record because of it. The sound quality is raw as hell, the lyrics are like the polar opposite of a 7 Seconds record (meaning: you’re fucked, it’s not going to be okay, things are terrible), and there’s no unnecessary qualities to this thing. A great, snarling mess of a pop punk record, like a truly furious Off With Their Heads but with more chops. Definitely worthwhile.

 –keith (Moonquake, no address)