UNFUN: Caroline: 7”

Nov 19, 2014

Melodic and mellow meets fun and fast in Unfun’s fifth 7”, Caroline. Side A (reading, “Yo, Play This Shit Fucking Loud…”) is pack with distorted, low vocals and an intense feeling of desperation struggling to stay afloat with a sea of emotional regrets. Kicking off with the titular line of this record, “Caroline,” we’re faced with an outpour of heartbreak, anger, and the often overwhelming feeling of everything being completely, utterly, and hopelessly fucked up for eight minutes before flipping over to side B, (continued with, “Or…Get The Fuck Out”). Immediately introduced to louder vocals blaring through speakers, this trio rapidly picks up their paces up for two more tracks before slowing back down with the fourth and final track, “Unglued.” Themed with deteriorating mental health and emotional breakdowns, this neatly pressed vinyl makes punk a threat again.

 –Genevieve Armstrong (Shallow Graves, shallowgravesrecords.com)

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