Jun 22, 2007

I really, really, really like this one. It sounds like a ballsier version of Dillinger Four or some such thing: bouncing pop punk with a snarling cynicism that serves as the proverbial maypole around which this record has me dancing. But that does not prevent the Underhills from also including tunes about finding the girl of your dreams and doing it in a way that is familiar yet not rehashed. Lyrically, this is relatively standard material (and not in a bad way) for we aging punkers that have more to think about and irk us than getting jerked around by the government; dealing with a shitty girlfriend has more immediacy for me, at least, than the rhetoric of resistance. And the fact that the music on this pretty much rocks seals the deal for me. The record has a 2003 copyright, though…that’s kinda weird and disconcerting for some reason that I can’t quite fathom.

 –Eric Carlson (Cabana 1)