Jul 29, 2013

URTC: At the front of the house, URTC’s a full-blown shake-up, get-down party with animals and happy American Indians and suchlike. What a booty-shakin’ great time. The lyrics can be pretty darn sad, though. Dead birds. Square balls. Confusion. Insecurity. Losing a place to live. And I like that. People/animals/characters absolutely losing their furry shit to some substantive stuff. Thanks, punk rock. Few other genres can pull that off without something in the chain being hypocritical. Mean Jeans: My vote’s for somehow using the Back to the Future technology that should already exist and set the clock 1985, get on the set of Weird Science and convince John Hughes, that on Gary and Wyatt’s road to becoming accepted, when they encounter many hilarious obstacles, that “Possessed 2 Party” is playing during one of them. Perhaps a Ferrari scene. I’ll leave it up to the pros. That’d be perfect. “Terminally Twisted” is super-duper close to Queers clone territory. That’s a planet with a lot of gravitational pull, a planet of whoa-oh-whoa-ohing zombies. I hope they use their Ramones thrusters to blast back into the BillieOcean nebula and away from that risky business.

 –todd (It’s Alive)