Jul 29, 2011

“Southern California. Weed. FYP. Go!” are the Cliff Notes to URTC. The cloak and dagger of URTC is they’re undeniably a punk band (always a positive in my book), but they’re one of the sunniest, relaxed, fun, and laid back punk bands you’re bound to come across. Both. It’s no, “We grew up punk, but we secretly loved reggae and have outgrown punk” jive. URTC’s not involved in back-turning. It’s more of a sunbathing and a quieter intensity. And there’s a still a lot of smog in the sky. But what can you do? Smoke up. Knows Your Sins isn’t a phoned-in lay-up or an easy sequel to Bird Roughs. If you’re familiar with their debut, this second full-length batch of fudge isn’t a brand new recipe. But they’re expert chefs in the musical kitchen of the mind—keeping things fresh, fun, sounding just-cut and warm from the oven. There are also a couple of straight-up instrumentals (or two word songs “Animals! RUN!!”). Cock-of-the-walk Davie Allen and the Arrows and Link Wray-inspired theme songs so convincing that I swear the songs come packaged with a poncho, a surfable wave, and sombrero for the listener. So if you’re looking for some danceable smile-along-to-it-isms, San Pedro’s URTC’s the ticket.

 –todd (Recess)