UNDERCLASS U.K.: Not in My Name: CD

These guys started in the ‘80s but went on a massive hiatus after their guitar player got arrested on drugs charges. They’re from Barking, the same place that hatched Billy Bragg. The lyrics have the same class-conscious—if much less poetic—outlook on life. The music is what you’d expect from a band with U.K. in their name—mid-tempo street punk a la U.K. Subs or Chaos U.K. (Oh wait, there’s Chameleons U.K. and The Mission U.K., too. This band is nothing like that.) The vocals are rawer on some tracks, which set them apart from the rest of the street punk pack. On other tracks, there is some kind of weird effect applied which makes them sound muddy. Not so fast but plenty furious, this is the perfect soundtrack for plotting your next act of civil disobedience. 

 –Lisa Weiss (Punk Lives Live)