Hardcore, but not consistently straight up. Sometimes it sounded more neo-metal, sometimes more like crust punk. Some of these songs I loved; some kinda bored me. I’m mixed on this mixed bag and I freely admit that this mixed review is entirely subjective in its mixed-up nature. This record’s hitting or missing at various points is only a matter of my quirky tastes and not any sort of qualitative judgment. However, let me make a modicum of effort. The hardcore-sounding songs tend to be real scorchers, and they get the proverbial thumbs-up with goofy grin in tow. The crusty songs were okay, but Under Anchor sounds a lot better doing a more classic hardcore sound. The metally tunes can be left off the record, in my opinion. Bad comparison number two for this issue: imagine Nausea meets Ann Beretta.

 –Eric Carlson (Veritas et Aequitas, myspace.com/veritasetaequitasrecords)