UNCLE SKUNKLE: Happily Ever After: 7”

Nov 18, 2011

In my eternal search for the stupidest band name ever, I believe I may have a contender. I mean, really guys? Uncle Skunkle? Yikes. At least you didn’t misspell uncle with a K. I believe I may have returned your 7” to Todd unlistened at that point. Fearing that maybe this was some incredibly cool reference that I in my ignorance was missing, I did what any red-blooded American male with an internet connection would: I Googled that shit. Uncle Skunkle is the name of a toy manufacturer. I dunno, man. Doesn’t seem like it’s a cool enough thing to name your band after. Honestly though, in this day and age, are there any good band names left? Perhaps we’ve slipped to the point where “Uncle Skunkle” is pretty acceptable. Hell, with a name like that, I expected to be pullin’ what little hair remains outta my scalp and screaming “Why God why??!!??” about three seconds into this platter. The music really ain’t too bad, with hints of surf, rockabilly, and other roots forms combining into one pretty tolerable stew. The ballad on the A side is pretty good and the surfier shit on the B side would make fun party music, for sure. They ain’t squarin’ the circle or anything over here, but they’re havin’ what sounds like a hell of a lot of fun and the tunes ain’t bad. But that name...

 –Ryan Horky (Pug Face, pugfacerecords.com)