UNABOMBERS, THE: It’s Not That We Don’t Love You, It’s Just That We Don’t Care: CD-R EP

Nov 08, 2007

A treble-saturated squall of Finnish bashing around vaguely reminding me of Los Ass-Draggers in that globally-prized Red Bull™-quaffing manner specific to the rabid European malcontent! CD contains four songs but lyrics to seven, including this gem from the lamentably absent “Uppsala Hippie Commune”: “You believe that frolic is hash / We believe in Darby Crash.” As High Enlightenment, this stuff’s got a ways to go, but as far as a quick shot of pure exhilaration goes, it’s certainly way better than that new Budweiser™ crap with the caffeine in it. “Take the Danish brownies out of your rectum.” BEST SONG: “Ridge Forrester” BEST SONG TITLE: I’ll go with “Uppsala Hippie Commune” for twenty, Alex. FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: DEN SOM LISTAR UT TEXTEN TILL JUST A WAR VINNER EN DÖNNERDATE MED VALFRI UNABOMBERSMEDLEM.

 –norb ()