ULTRA VIOLENT #11: 8¼” x 10 ½”, 112 pgs, $6 ppd.

Sep 23, 2011

I picked up a couple copies of this zine through Armageddon Records a while back and was blown away (issue #10 has an interview with Alejandro Jodorowsky—whoa!). Definitely my favorite movie magazine. A lot of movie publications are fluff and read like a collection of press releases. Then you have a small handful of publications of actual substance. I consider Ultra Violent one of the better publications out there. They cover the types of movies I prefer: horror and exploitation. There are a few reviews towards the back and some reissues. But the strength of this magazine is in their in-depth interviews (Ray Sager, Lynn Lowry, Peaches Christ, Chad Ferrin, Gerretta Gerretta, and Richard W. Haimes) and the articles on masked super criminals, Sella Turcica, and more. What I like is how the interviewers are able to get the subjects to open up and reveal things that would not normally be discussed, and the articles are steeped in enthusiasm. For the super fans and for those who are looking to find something new and are looking to get stoked out, pick this up before any of the glossies. –M.Avrg (PO Box 110117, Palm Bay, FL32911-0117, uvmagazine.com)