UKIAH DRAG, THE: Jazz Mama Is Crying: 12” EP

Jun 14, 2014

Former members of the weird guy hardcore elite (see, e.g., Cult Ritual and Diet Coke Heads) do us all a favor and lay down four lysergic jams on this here slab, which was originally released on cassette by Ascetic House. Had I known of the band’s pedigree before hearing this, I woulda been more than mildly surprised. Dudes (I’m assuming) drop any pretense of hardcore (but do retain a bit of the weird) here, with the opener being the closest thing to punk really on here, as it exudes a bit of Stooges-esque sexual power at times. Outside of that, your feelings about drugs are probably a good indicator of whether you’ll enjoy this. Unless, of course, you really like drugs, in which case you’ll like this, but probably not as much as somebody who isn’t as loaded as often. The second track broods calmly while communicating a definite severity. The cream of the crop is the first song on the B-side, in all its minimalist avant-garde glory. A bluesy lament about being without that sounds like the morning after the night before rounds things out. They already have a follow-up cassette, issued by the reputable Night People label, but this one appears from all accounts to be self-released, as reinforced by the LSD-69 catalog inscription in the dead wax. No contact info, but easy enough to find from a kind distro on the web. 

 –Vincent (Self-released)

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