UK SUBS: Japan Today: CD

Sep 22, 2009

"Japan Today" was the tenth Subs release to date as of 1988. I think there was a little experimentation going on at the time due to the whole eighties thing, but it adds a certain collectors-like charm to the release. Then again, what the hell would I know? With Charlie in charge, it's bound to sound good, and throw in the help of Knox (The Vibrators, Urban Dogs) on guitar, and "Japan Today" is a classic! The song list includes the original "Another Cuba," and the full four tracks from the "Hey Santa" 12" EP, not to mention "Skateboard Billy," "Surf Bastard," the fucking "Punk Rap" and interview with "Yuki Yumi." The release might bend your ear at times, but it's all classic UK Subs.

 –keith (Captain Oi)