UH OH: Self-titled: LP

Mar 27, 2012

Man, not a bad first effort. Loud, fast, energetically—if not necessarily technically correctly played—parts, catchy songs, and a willingness to not take themselves too seriously. Sloppy Midwestern punk about pizza with multiple singers. If you don’t wanna at least check that out, I gotta question just why the hell you’re reading Razorcake in the first place. Not gonna turn the world on its ear or anything, but I sure ain’t troopin’ this down to the used record store and trying to trade it in for those Archers Of Loaf reissues. It’ll get more spins here in my bunker, and that’s more than I can say for 99.99 percent of the shit I get in my review pile.

 –Ryan Horky (HS!BF)

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