UH OH / OFF-DAYS: Split: 7"

Jan 19, 2012

Uh Oh: I’ve seen this band before. I dig ‘em. My biggest problem in songwriting is that I get in my head too quickly. I feel like Uh Oh doesn’t have that problem, by just saying “Fuck it. Just keep going, and will figure it out.” Hopefully that doesn’t come off as a dig, because it means the end product sounds like a pop punk version of Black Flag or Dick Army. Off-Days: I have not seen this band before. Ironically or fittingly, I’d say they sound a lot like Uh Oh (this is my first experience with them, though I can tell there there’s Milwaukee connections), except maybe a little more slow, focused, and you can hear more of the lady vocals. Solid split all around.

 –joe (HS!BF)

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