Ua Mau Ke Ea: Sovereignty Endures: An Overview of the Political and Legal Histor: By David Keanu Sai, 156 pgs. By Steve Hart

Ua Mau Ke Ea isn’t your everyday book that you’ll find reviewed in Razorcake, because it’s more of a textbook than it is a non-fiction book. In fact, this could be included in classroom situations to discuss the historical events that led to the so-called overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom. I say “so-called” because the Kingdom hasn’t been technically overthrown and still exists to present day. I imagine that this is a difficult historical fact that is hard to understand for most people, but this book is designed to clarify or unwrap some of the mysteries behind the political overthrow of Hawai’i nei. It begins with the unification of the Hawaiian Islands under Kamehameha I and the formation of Hawaiian law, including its treaties with foreign nations such as England.

The second part describes the revolt by Hawaiian nationals, Sanford B. Dole and Lorrin Thurston, two of the more infamous characters in the revolt. (I use the word Hawaiian “national” to show that there were haole (non-ethnic Hawaiians) who were subjects of the HawaiianKingdom.)

Part three describes the seizure of the Hawaiian Islands by the United States and the subsequent annexation (including the U.S. Senate secret session to seize Hawai’i). Lastly, the book delves into the occupation and the efforts for sovereignty.

The author of Ua Mau Ke Ea is a controversial figure and I would be remiss to not include this fact. However, I do believe the book transcends any controversy about the author and is well-researched with the case for a sovereign Nation of Hawai’i laid out quite clearly. –Steve Hart (Pu’a Foundation, 2331 Seaview Ave., Honolulu, HI 96822)