TYVEK: Nothing Fits: CD

Mar 17, 2011

I got a fever of 102.9, which should help with the reviews. I really like Tyvek’s last 12”, but this has less noodling songs in between the big blasts. Fast-driving, guitar-happy rockers—this album is the Tokyo Drift of Detroit garage rock. A little more aggro than earlier singles, still peppy, still desperate as all hell, with drained singing over a wave of sound. In their older song, “Frustration Rock,” there was more space in between the instruments. You felt you could hear the strings stretching and snapping—a treble party. Now it’s a little more electric and fuzzy, making my brain itch. It’s fucking fun. A little bit like The Gories moving into The Dirtbombs territory. Sorry, Tyvek, there is probably always a Gories connection due to everyone being from Detroit. But shit, great company. When I listen to Tyvek, I just wanna drive faster and turn harder. Good for the flu, too.

 –mike (In the Red Records, intheredrecords.com)