TYRED EYES: The Piercing Eyes, the Thousand Lies: LP

Sep 11, 2012

What is it about Scandinavia? Back in the day it was the raw hardcore…. then recently we’ve had the joys of Smalltown, No Hope For The Kids, Gorilla Angreb, Knugen Faller, Vicious, and a host of other youngsters banging out stuff that sounds unmistakably “Scandinavian” but has originality bursting from the seams. This Gothenburg band takes pieces of all the above bands, melding knowledge of the past but with something new and vibrant. Sounding somehow familiar yet fresh and new. This band takes everything I love about bands from Sweden and Denmark and blend them with current West Coast heroes like Toys That Kill. Songs of drinking, firing squads, and not liking anyone work just fine for me. It’s rough and raw but the male/female vocals give it a certain sweetness that acts like the ginger back to your Fernet shot. This is one of those gems you’ll have to make an effort to track down. Trust me; it’s worth the effort. –Tim Brooks

 –guest (Alleycat, alleycatrecords.se)

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