TYRADES, THE: Self-titled: CD

Aug 27, 2009

If it’s not painfully obvious by now, it will be. I’m a geek. On the toilet, I often read grammar rules. This time, I had the Tyrades on, blasting their spazzy, shouty, and noisy punk rock that knows how to cut the crap and slice the song down to bone and fur. Lead vocalist, Jenna, is a siren. The playing’s perfectly demented, skewed, and always rushing forward, sort of like a drug-manic early, proto Devo mated to a band that sounds like they break metric tons of instruments. Even when they repeat choruses over and over again, it doesn’t seem like pointless repetition, but stalking, teeth-baring taunts. Then I came upon these two sentences in Strunk and White’s Elements of Style. I only had to change one word. “Never imitate consciously, but do not worry about being an imitator; take pains instead to admire what is good. Then when you play in a way that comes naturally, you will echo the halloos that bear repeating.” That’s exactly what the Tyrades do. To a tee.

 –todd (Broken Rekkids)

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