TYRADES, THE: On Your Video: 7”

Nov 08, 2007

Lotsa people have said that the Tyrades are more of a singles band, like they’re more suited for a 7” rather than an LP. I don’t understand. What the fuck does that mean? The full-length is seventeen minutes long. Yeah, man, nine songs by one of the best bands out there is total fucking overkill. Anyway, this is single number six and it’s great, great stuff. The title song is a completely fucked, snarling mid-tempo dirge that sounds like the record is warped; it’s a beautiful thing. The two songs on the flip are more of the raw, manic, on-the-verge-of-falling-apart variety that’s made the Tyrades, well, not exactly famous, but at least popular amongst people who would be attracted to a band that puts out seventeen-minute full-lengths. They should go on tour soon.

 –josh (Smart Guy)

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