TYCKER DU?: Close to It b/w No Leaves Yet: 5″

Man, five-inch records are so fuckin dumb: it takes six tries to get the goddamn needle on there without a rejection or dropping it on the mat, and then you get, at best, two minutes playtime before you gotta go through the whole thing again. And so, Tycker Du, you get one listen, you and your Hüsker-copped logo. Sounds more like Articles of Faith than Hüsker Dü , but in olden times the two had more in common than they would later, including Reflex Records, here echoed in the somewhat mysterious placement of the anagram Ferlex on the label, but not in such a way as to suggest, exactly, that that’s the name of the label, and since there’s no label or address listed, I guess it’ll remain a mystery.

 –doug (no label)