TY SEGALL: Singles 2007-2010: 2 x LP

Mar 26, 2012

To no fault of Ty’s talent, I hadn’t heard much of his output before this collection. Yet, it sounds so familiar, like I knew plenty of these songs but didn’t own any. I know the following may sound bad, but I don’t mean it that way. Ty Segall, to me, plays easy-to-listen-to-psyche and garage. He’s got chops and a deep understanding of melody, groove, and reconsideration of the linearity of time. And who am I to begrudge a musician who’s got a working understanding of Kinks, Blue Cheer, The Creation, MC5, The Peanut Butter Conspiracy, and the Stooges? One way to look under the rug is pretend that 1975 clicked right over to 1995 Memphis and Toe Rag Studios. One day, everything was proto-this, proto-that, psyche-this, folk-that, all before punk crested and crashed, then the next day, everything was looking back twenty years. Gories, Oblivians, Headcoats, Country Teasers, Devil Dogs with passing blushes of what most of the world considers meat-mohawk-spikes-snot punk rock. It’s an interesting way to approach aggravated, scratchy music and I’m half-surprised this retrospective wasn’t released on reel-to-reel. I don’t want to say Ty’s a mockingbird, a mimic, because there’s no back hand to this compliment. He’s the glue in the collage. You may have heard this before, too, but not quite assembled the same way. Pleasant and oddly comforting, yet raw, alive, and sticky. His music sounds red, with purple flashes. Longhair soul that got a haircut? That probably makes no sense. Hey, Emily!

 –todd (Goner)

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