TY SEGALL: Singles: 2007-2010: 2 x LP

Ty Segall has a knack for dissecting the structure of old rock and roll and making it his own. “Dating” contains an awesome Headcoats-style riff drenched in fuzz bass and a simple chorus about people wanting to go out with each other. The album keeps going in that direction. This LP is my first exposure to Ty Segall. This is a solid slab of songs and a good entry-level release for anyone thinking about checking him out. Is the “singles collection” becoming the new “greatest hits,” in that it is uncool to admit it is where you first listened to a band? How many times has this happened to you; you waste your day seeking out a bunch of 7” singles only to have a fat record store employee make fun of you? Then you get them home and the records melt because your mom put them on the radiator so she can vacuum. Don’t let this happen to you. Order Ty Segall’s Singles: 2007-2010 today. And when someone asks you to borrow your copy, tell them they are going to have to buy their own.

 –Billups Allen (Goner)