Two Year Touqe is weirdo lo-fi from Montana that occasionally is catchy but is mainly just annoying and filled with male/female vocals that seem perpetually out of tune. Jangly guitars and weird songs abound. “2-Ply Drive By” is about pooping, and “Stinky Baby” is a number about a now-deceased ferret that comes off being fairly funny as opposed to sad. “Imovane” was the only track I could even come close to tolerating, mainly because it was the only song that had any sort of cohesive punk sound throughout. The over-use of the recorder and stupid sound effects seals the deal that this is indeed a craptacular album. Music like this makes me wish I was dead. Or maybe I am and I’m in hell and listening to this is some form of eternal punishment. Oh wait, I can shut this shit off. Thank God.

 –kurt (CDB)