TWO TON BOA: Self-titled: CD

May 14, 2001

This band is fascinating to say the least. Supported by drums, two electric bass and the acidic voice and lyrics of Sherry Fraser, Two Ton Boa does in fact supply that much weight. They're kind of like watching a collision on the highway, a body lay there rotting in the sun near the center divider, but you apply your brakes, compelled to observe the gore spread out before you and you give a crack to the window just enough to inhale the stench. This CD glows with the sounds and spirits invoked from early carnival, circus and freak shows. To become enthralled is only the beginning. Go ahead and try to not listen to this CD first note to last. It's hard to press the stop button when your eyes are glazed over and your body's bathed in sweat.

 –Harmonee (Kill Rock Stars, 120 NE State Ave., Olympia, WA 98501)