TWO SKUNKS FOR VALENTINE’S DAY: A TRIP TO AWESOME FEST 6: $?, 8½” x 5½”, copied, 24 pgs.

Sep 19, 2013

This is a short story by the incredible Mike Faloon about going to Awesome Fest 6 with little detail about Awesome Fest 6. The first part of the story depicts Mike completely unimpressed by the miracle of modern travel. This is completely relatable. At no point does he pause to reflect on how amazing it is that he’s capable of flying across the country in a few short hours to see a punk show just for the weekend. Instead we find Mike anxious about the flight and self medicating with an mp3 player. While there isn’t a lot of Awesome Fest play-by-play, there is something more important: enthusiasm. Mike’s enthusiasm for music and his ability to express it are what make this worth reading. It’s about the uncomfortable, anxiety-riddled journey to see live music that you love on no sleep. It’s about how necessary those journeys seem when you get back home and are no longer surrounded by a group of people who share your enthusiasm. It’s about an anxious man who just wants to sing the Bananas and get home on time. Now that’s a brand of domesticity I can get behind. –Matthew Hart (Mike Faloon, PO Box 469, Patterson, NY12563, [email protected])