Jun 13, 2014

Two Man Advantage has been around for over fifteen years, wear hockey masks at shows, got written up in the Wall Street Journal in an article about “puck rock,” were ceased and desisted by the Zamboni company, and as of October’s split with Blackout Shoppers, they’ve “got the puck [and] don’t give a fuck.” For the uninitiated, Two Man Advantage play NY punk hardcore with occasional butt-rock guitar solos and ‘80s glam-metal guitar harmonies. For me, I seek more adequate descriptors for this group and I fail to find them. I see Two Man Advantage like I see that really weird model train set bar at the end of my street; it’s too fucking weird to drink at every weekend, but that doesn’t stop me from staring at it with wonder. If you liked Two Man Advantage before, it’s only getting weirder and stronger. If you’ve never heard of them, it’s like Crystal Pepsi —not quite right, but you’re rooting for it. On the B-side, Blackout Shoppers bring a bit of Negative Approach and a bit of the standard beer dripping bar punk. This 7” comes in a milky blue vinyl, keeping it strange. 

 –Jim Joyce (Sexy Baby)