Twisted Vol.1: DVD

Jan 23, 2008

I was a bit surprised to get this in the mail. I don’t review too many DVDs for Razorcake, and my old band had a song on this one. No hard feelings with the Guff boys, but that video is embarrassing and it’s over four years old! (Not to mention a bad concept put together by Greg at Go-Kart.) Anyway, I’ll laugh it off, but damn, new material guys. It’s a new era. I’m a low life now and you cats hang out with Steve Perry. In any case, this is mostly third-tier punk rock bands that are super poppy. Amber Pacific, which I like to make fun of, was the opening video. Also included are: Reel Big Fish, the Vandals, Tsunami Bomb, Satanic Surfers, Suicide Machines, Planes Mistaken For Stars, The Hellacopters, and Ghost Buffalo, plus a slew more. Mostly shit that was sort of popular five years ago, if ever. I did enjoy the weird computer graphics cartoons at the end. Soxx the Killer Bunny by Jay Kellom is pretty cool. It encompasses his dark sense of humor. All in all, this DVD is good to acquire for five bucks or less if, for nothing else, the laugh factor involved. –Butter tooth (Go-Kart)