TWISTED ROOTS: self-titled: CD

Apr 17, 2009

Yessir, you are correct, this band had ex-members of The Screamers (Paul Roessler) and the Germs (Pat Smear). Kira went on to join Black Flag. Pat went on to play with Nirvana. The second drummer, Gary, went on to become the lead singer for Celebrity Skin. The good news is they were only around for six months from ‘81-’82. Do yourself a favor. Go check some of those aforementioned bands out. They’re good to great. Twisted Roots sucks along the lines of a self-absorbed, hippie carnival Devo. It definitely goes way beyond the gauntlet thrown down by SSDecontrol – “How much art can you can you take?” Purely punk intentions alone do not a punk record make. Bleargh.

 –todd (Dionysus)

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