TWIN TRANCES: Self-titled: EP

Oct 28, 2015

This record was a nice surprise. The Tron-esque cover and band name had me thinking keyboards and digital drums—wrong! This is heavy, late night, driving-through-the-high-desert stoner rock. The best way I can describe these guys is by referencing Back to the Future: remember the scene where Marty is wearing a space suit, puts the headphones on his father, and plays Van Halen? There’s a Melvins-style vocal effect that sounds like a voice coming at you through a tunnel. Meanwhile the music is really sharp and clean as far as the production goes. It doesn’t have that loose feeling a lot of stoner bands have or bass, for that matter. Which is a plus when you’re a two piece like these fellas. 

 –Ryan Nichols (Dirty Slacks, [email protected])