TV WATCHERS, THE: Carl in the Sky with Diamonds, Split CD: 7"

Jan 14, 2010

Shrouded in mystery from the get-go. The hand-drawn sleeve and 7” labels do not match up at all. The actual songs—and yeah, that’s a term used reasonably loosely—are apparently penned and performed by two dudes named “Poopy” and “Food.” The songs are pretty much a sampling of random keyboard bleeps and odd drum bloops while a guy flatly intones random gibberish about Hollywood (“I get to watch Jessica Simpson / be Daisy Duke/ sweet / the plots are really dynamite”) and science (Intelligent design / use your mind / science is lame / don’t listen to it / Jesus will win / science will die.” Definitely hits the “so bad it’s good” button, but probably won’t get too many repeated listens. What it really sounds like is when kids get their first four track recorders (which I guess is, what, ProTools these days?) and are just learning to fuck around with them. But a bit of internet research indicates that either “Poopy” or “Food” of the TV Watchers may actually be a member of ‘90s weirdness/noise act Sockeye, and then things actually start to make a little more sense. Like I said, the whole thing is a little juvenile, pretty silly, and totally shrouded in weirdness. Which is probably just the way they want it.

 –keith (My Mind’s Eye)