TV GHOST: Cold Fish: CD

Sounds like music that washing machines play in the background to intensify the mood of scariness when they’re telling washing machine ghost stories around the campfire. Also sounds like the music that would be playing over the still-functioning car radio when ghouls and demons come out to cavort and steal the souls of the young couple who died in the song “Teen Love” by No Trend. Surely that’s a ringing recommendation. BEST SONG: “The Consumption” BEST SONG TITLE: That’s a tossup between “The Consumption” and “The Singularity,” although “The Drunkard” and “The Recluse” kind of tug at my heart strings, too. FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: If you can tell that this album is called “Cold Fish” without first having to pop it into your computer and have iTunes tell you the title, you’re a better man than i. “Man” generically, of course.

 –norb (In The Red)