TV FREAKS: Leeches: 7”

Holy. Fucking. Shit. Did I just get rammed into by a truck? Whereas TV Freaksʼ last record was at least somewhat polished sounding, this 7” is just pure disgusting, spit in your eyeballs filth. Leeches sounds like what insanity feels like: the vocals intense shouts, the guitars deranged and the drums flailing and crashing. These three tracks are guaranteed to scare your parents, even if they’re the hip ones who buy fair-trade coffee and listen to the morning show on campus radio. If you thought Strange Attractor was the only Canadian outfit making maniacal punk noise, you need to turn your knob onto TV Freaks, one of the few punk bands making the genre a fucking threat again. A. 

 –Alanna Why (Hosehead)