TV FREAKS: Bad Luck Charms: LP

Mar 22, 2016

The ever-prolific TV Freaks return with a new album and have ratcheted the nervous energy up even higher than before. TV Freaks are one of those bands that get better and better with every new record. How they’ll surpass this one remains to be heard, as this is up there, high in the levels of greatness I assign to their records, and makes their previous records pale in comparison. It starts off with edgy and belligerent then comes blazing around the corner and it’s full-on from there on out. “Fly High” sounds a little like Mission Of Burma, only with a dirtier and distorted sound. “Glue” is a cranker! The song is boiling over in urgency that reaches a frenzy, ending this record on a high note. I love the character that’s in the vocals and how David O’Connor stutters some of the words for emphasis, or just changes how he sounds at times in other songs to drive a point home. One of the best of the past year, for sure. This one is the limited edition purple vinyl version with screen printed cover art that’s different from the regular version. Get this, whatever edition is within reach. 

 –M.Avrg (Deranged)

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