TUSK: Get Ready: CD

Jun 20, 2007

Apparently this is a reissue of Tusk’s debut CD. This is akin to some of the heavy early/mid-nineties hardcore/grindcore bands such as Rorschach, Union Of Uranus, and His Hero Is Gone. At times the guitar has elements of Melvins and Scratch Acid as well. Chunky power chords with quirkiness galore. It’s chaotically noisy and herky jerky. At times the chaos makes the songs unmemorable. The band would benefit from a slightly more straightforward approach, though I think experimentation is their intention. No migraine headache listening here. This is for experimental grindcore fans, with a high aural threshold for random acts of noisy jerkiness.

 –KO! (Hewhocorrupts)