TUSK: Get Ready: CD

Jul 28, 2009

Honestly, I used to really like this kind of music. But then I went to a few too many black metal shows and had to bear the company of a few too many dolled-up dorks in studded leather turtlenecks and various other "scary" wardrobe accessories and I've never been able to take this shit seriously ever since. This probably sounds just like a gazillion other doomy dark metal bands out there that I don't ever want to know about, but the parts I like the best remind me of the Fartz or the Accused with a little Integrity mixed in for good satanic measure. Heavy, vomitous, and oozing with beelzebubbling white heads – all with a decidedly "the devil is cool" bent. Crust punks and grind metal kids will eat it up and then stab themselves to death with their sporks. I hope.

 –aphid (HeWhoCorrupts)

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