TURTLEHEAD: Bleeding Hearts and Burnouts: CD

Jun 04, 2008

I used to love these guys back in the late ‘90s! They were one of the few melodicore bands that really stood out for me that I can still listen to from that period. I thought they had disappeared! I’m not sure what they have released since they put out the I Preferred Their Earlier Stuff CD, which, I believe, was 1998. I sure would like to know if they released anything between that CD and the current one that I’m listening to. I think that the original singer and drummer remain. The song style is the same; they still play the extremely catchy melodic punk that they were known for. Not straying too far from their personal formula is comforting and immediately made it an enjoyable listen. The singer’s voice is in a higher tone range than I remembered. I thought it was a new singer. He’s also more forceful and aggressive. Good to see that they are still around. Yippee! 

 –don (Leatherback)

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